Essential Workers

Essential Workers is a cooperative game about a community working together to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. Players must balance their personal safety against the necessity of keeping society running. If anyone loses, everyone loses. Developed by a cross-functional team in Georgia Tech's Digital Integrative Liberal Arts and headed up by Dr. Janet H. Murray, Essential … Continue reading Essential Workers

Psi and Delta

Psi and Delta is a 2D puzzle-platformer designed to teach quantum mechanical concepts to high school and undergraduate students. The project's official site describes the pedagogical goals underlying the game: Quantum Mechanics (QM) is the foundation for science and engineering disciplines as diverse as semiconductor physics, chemistry, and material science. However, educators face major challenges … Continue reading Psi and Delta

The Distributed Dungeon Master

A workshop paper in the 2019 International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Game (FDG '19), "The Distributed Dungeon Master" explores the first video game developed as a Twitch-exclusive title: Choice Chamber. In this game, the viewing audience is able to behave as a collective intelligence, making simple majority votes that dynamically change levels of … Continue reading The Distributed Dungeon Master

Researching Transition Spaces

Part 1 In this project, we will study two sets of complimentary research methodologies. Part 1 will focus on research methods that are rooted in the scientific tradition, especially those that deconstruct phenomena into their objective observable characteristics... Part 2 will focus on research methods that are rooted in the ethnographic tradition, especially those that acknowledge the … Continue reading Researching Transition Spaces

Experimental Projects

This page details the various experimental projects that have been part of my coursework. From collaborative game design to performative interventions, these projects all had a hand in guiding my research. "Flying Blind," Colin Stricklin, ANCHAL KAMAT, SPENCER OBSITNIK Developed as a final project for Philip Auslander and Michael Nitsche's Digital Performance course at Georgia … Continue reading Experimental Projects